we offer services to law firms requiring support in Israel concerning legal issues on family law, inheritance, estates and wills, as part of bidirectional cooperation agreements

Our firm deals with all subjects relating to inheritances and estates, including estate planning and management, property administration, writing and challenging of wills, will and inheritance administration processes, trusts, inheritance tax planning, and the implications of international private law on benefactors or the inherited estate in the relationship between Israel and other countries.

We specialize in the management of international legacies and often work with benefactors and/or beneficiaries residing outside Israel, when the inherited estate is located in Israel. Our services include the planning of wills where the estate is located in Israel, management of inheritances where part or all of the estate is located in Israel, judicial proceedings in Israeli courts related to queries on foreign law and inheritance taxes, and the provision of professional assessments.

Our founder, Adv. Boaz Kraus, is a specialist in inheritance and estate law, and has written and lectures extensively on the subject. Among his numerous publications is the book “Inheritance and Estate Laws” published by the Institute for Judicial and Economic Research.

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